/ Menu labeling

From the desk of our CEO, Betsy

Ten years ago today I opened a message on Facebook from a friend 1700 miles away.  She wrote that menu labeling was coming for restaurants and maybe my husband, Rocky, could make a database to help folks get this upcoming task accomplished.  All these years later I still have a copy of that message. I mentioned what she said to my husband across the family room. This simple but major idea ended up being one that changed mine and so many others lives.

This sparked interest in both my husband and I and we started spending time online looking at what exactly menu labeling was? Could we do it? Could we sell it? Was there something there?

Even though 2010 was not the best time to start a business thanks to the economy being a hot mess, it turned out to be the right time for us.  MenuTrinfo®, LLC (standing for a mashup of the words Menu – Nutrition- Information) was born.  

Rocky built the database (which is now massive) and I started what I thought would be a fairly simple path to begin a business.  Looking back 10 years later I can see how naïve I was and how much I really did not know. Maybe it’s the best thing ever because had I known then what I know now, well I’m not sure I would have had the strength.  

From that day to this one we have expanded the business adding other successful divisions.  Since 2011 we have had cutting edge training for food allergies and the first ANSI accredited food allergy and GF training program known as AllerTrain™. Next up in 2017, Kitchens with Confidence™, the now leading auditing service for full-service kitchens and products, was born. Then in 2018 we launched the most interactive course on the market today in our leading Food Handlers course and coming in 2020 the MenuTrinfo’s Food Manager Exam followed closely by the food manager’s workbook, study guide, and course.   

One thing I know beyond anything else, this business has become my passion and the people we affect have become my family.  You folks, our clients, are some of my closest friends, biggest fans, and most honest critics.  It has all worked together to allow me to even be here professionally, as the CEO of this company and medically on this planet.  Some of you have even walked me through a life changing and altering stem cell transplant while having our 1st million-dollar year that year.  

Finally, NONE of this is possible in any way shape or form without you.  The partners, clients, students, brands, early adopters, and those willing to jump on board with us. A simple thank you seems so little but believe me when I say it comes from deep in my heart.  Thank you for allowing us to be your choice for the last 10 years. 

Looking forward to the next decade,

Betsy Craig