Menu Labeling: Why a Nutritional Database is Better

Nutritional Database Analysis vs. Lab Testing In just 66 days, your foodservice establishment is required to meet the menu labeling compliance deadline. You read that right — you only have 66 more days to get those menus in order, so it’s time to move nutritional analysis and menu labeling to the top of your to-do […]

allergen training, menu labeling

To put it simply, diners want to know what they’re eating when they come into your establishment. They want to know how it’s prepared, too, especially if they have food allergies or celiac disease. It goes way beyond getting the order right. It’s about making sure your communications and food prep systems are in place. […]

Menu Labeling: More than meets the eye (Food Cost)

Menu labeling can mean some big changes for a foodservice establishment. Aside from needing to reprint menus and menu boards to include calorie counts, they’ll need to make sure they have the infrastructure in place to keep their numbers accurate. A nutritional analysis is only as exact as the recipes used to prepare the food. […]

Menu Labeling: More than meets the eye (Transparency)

Menu labeling makes a difference. Over 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. The nutrition information restaurants and similar retail food establishments will be providing is a great first step in curbing these soaring rates. While the government’s push for this information has been the strongest in getting it on menus, consumers have been looking […]

Better Kids' Meals Means Better Business in 2018

Coming in at #6 on the National Restaurant Association’s Top 20 Hot Food Trends of 2018 is “healthful kid’s meals.” So, what does that mean for restaurant owners? Balanced, smaller and innovative kid’s meals can all help boost business. Healthy does not have to equal expensive, tasteless or boring either. Some kids like spicy. Some […]

Ghosts, Goblins, Ghouls and...Green Potatoes?

Every year around this time, the Halloween decorations come out and some make it their mission to have the scariest costume around. While monsters and zombies are common, have you ever seen someone dressed as a green potato? How about a rhubarb leaf? The world of food has its superheroes (looking at you, blueberries) but […]