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The vegan restaurant group Native Foods was originally dreamed up by some friends who enjoyed eating well and eating healthy. They also wanted to create delicious food that wouldn’t damage its flavor profile. Their first restaurant opened in Southern California. Native Foods has since expanded to numerous vegan restaurants in Chicago, Colorado, and Los Angeles. Between deliciously flavorful fare and fast, friendly service, they are making going vegan a simple and delightful choice.

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Native Foods creates food that tastes like comfort food but is really good for you, too. They champion the kind of vegan restaurant that we love to work with, taking special care to embrace delicious food. Furthermore, the emphasis placed on service is top-notch. All restaurant employees are warm, friendly, empathetic, and committed to making sure your meal is exactly the way you want it. Such high levels of care and concern for customers are directly related to how well employees are treated by their employers. Native Foods knocks it out of the park. Here at MenuTrinfo we appreciate anyone taking special care to embrace delicious food and spread the joy to others.

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Creating food that tastes like comfort food but is actually really good for you, too? Sign us up! Native Foods is the kind of restaurant that we love to partner with, taking special care to embrace preparing delicious food and excellent service while making it vegan.

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The relationship between Native Foods and MenuTrinfo has only blossomed. Native Foods originally contacted MenuTrinfo for nutritional and allergen analysis, with ongoing support. We’re looking forward to working together on a number of special projects this spring. MenuTrinfo is thrilled to work with Native Foods. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of our relationship with one of our favorite vegan restaurant groups! Native Foods is open in California, Colorado, and Chicago.