We have been protecting lives and health since 2010.

MenuTrinfo® exists to inform food service professionals and manufacturers what they can serve safely on a plate or in a jar assisting the public in making their best choices. Our complete suite of services includes most recently through our certification services.  Certifying locations at noncommercial foodservice dining such as colleges, schools, businesses, industry locations, and consumer packaged goods (CPG’s) as “Certified Free From™” Allergens and/or Gluten. MenuTrinfo® is excited to answer the foodservice and CPG call of additional certifications in the areas of Vegan, Paleo, and Carbon Footprint Friendly in 2021.

Our core business started and still is a large portion of nutritional services and training. Specifically, menu labeling, Gluten-Free menus, and nutritional help desk services, Kitchens with Confidence, the division of MenuTrinfo that helps you serve the food allergic diner successfully through expert thought leadership and guidance. AllerTrain™, the nation’s first ANSI food allergy course in the country, cut the path and blazed the trail for allergen success delivered through a Certified AllerTrainer in person or lms/online.  Also breaking ground for newly developed training is MenuTrinfo’s ANSI accredited National Food Handlers class. Customizable and branded for you.

Getting our Help with Your Kitchen


Certified Free From

The “Certified Free From™” (CFF) certification program, run by MenuTrinfo, provides third-party verification and validation of allergen-free claims on consumer-packaged goods and in kitchens.

Audit and Standards Overview:

  • Ingredient approval
  • Supplier approval
  • Traceability and recalls
  • Product labeling
  • Documentation and records management
  • Personnel
  • Receiving and storage
  • Allergen cleaning program
  • Allergen Control Plan
  • Manufacturing
  • Building engineering
  • Allergen testing
  • Shipping
  • Use of CFF seal and certification marks
  • Surveillance
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