There are many companies that attempt to provide comprehensive solutions to food safety training, nutritional education, allergen training and regulatory compliance. Over the years Marriott International has searched for a partner that can deliver on these promises. We have finally found a company we call on for these issues

Douglas Davis, Senior Director of Global Food Safety, Marriott International
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How are you going to deal with the FDA Menu Labeling Guidelines? Well, think of us as your nutritional help desk. We’re rapid response and we’re highly accurate. There isn’t a single menu item that we can’t analyze. We’ve been anticipating the need for menu labeling for years now and our database is absolutely enormous and pin-point accurate.

We provide you with info down to the micro-nutrient on your menu and it’s all in crystal clear language. Get label information for every ingredient and command your kitchen and dining room. Knowledge is power – for your diners and for you!

Maybe you want to just talk to someone about ways to offer healthier options for your guests. We can advise there too. Whatever you are wrestling with about ingredients and transparency, call us. We’re here to help make nutritional sense of your meals.

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