The Clean Menu Review is one of MenuTrinfo’ s newest services. After you have your nutritional information in hand, here’s a way to make your menu even more compelling. Discover areas to enhance and the clean menu items you want to promote!

Did you know?

  • 67% of Americans say they want to know everything that goes into their food*
  • 71% of Americans are concerned with the long-term impact of artificial ingredients on their health*

*Source: Nielsen What’s in Our Food and On Our Mind: Ingredient and Dining-Out Trends Around the World, August 2016

Want to satisfy these consumers with a clean menu?

MenuTrinfo Clean Menu Review is YOUR solution

The Stoplight Approach

Culinary Nutritionists have developed a list of ingredients to look for, based on four criteria:

  • Available scientific data
  • Impact on health
  • Public opinion
  • Industry’s stance

Ingredients are then marked during the Clean Menu Review as:

  • Red (most problematic)
  • Yellow (should be phased out/reduced)
  • Green (good to go)

Looking to Make Your Menu the Best It Can Be?

MenuTrinfo can go even more in-depth to identify other areas to clean up your menu, such as where you use:

  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Antibiotics and/or hormones

And those you might want to highlight, such as:

  • Organic ingredients
  • Anything your guests are demanding to know!

The Benefits of a Clean Menu?

Give the diner what they want:

  • Attract consumers looking for cleaner menus and healthy options
  • Find out what selections on your menu are problematic
  • Identify the cleanest aspects of your menu – and make those prominent. Be proud of them!  
  • Learn even more about your menu than you already know, so you can help answer customer questions readily. Knowledge is Profit.  

How Do I Start?

MenuTrinfo will use your recipes and product spec sheets to complete the review using our award-winning software. No human error, and nothing will be missed!  It’s as easy as that!

Now you’ll have a stoplight array of red, yellow and green to know what menu items are sure guest pleasers, and which ones might need to be tweaked. 

Use your Clean Menu Review to attract more customers and promote all the delicious and CLEAN elements of your varied menu!

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