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Nutritional Database Analysis & Allergen Identification

As your full-service Nutritional Services partner, we care about the health and safety of your guests. Work with MenuTrinfo to add calories on your restaurant’s menu and to identify allergens.

  • Your customers want nutritional facts – not fiction.
  • Our team of nutritional experts can help you develop safe, healthy menu items.
  • Confidently serve diners with special dietary restrictions … from intolerances and allergies to celiac disease.
  • Analyze your recipes to accurately provide restaurant calories on your menu.

And best of all…we make it fast, easy, and affordable!

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Menu Nutrition Labeling Monthly Service Partnership

  • Certification seal for nutritional services.
  • Maintenance and storage of recipes and proprietary information on our secure system.
  • Nutritional analysis for new menu items.
  • Provide calories to put on your restaurant menu.
  • Disclaimer language given.
  • Subscription to monthly MenuTrinfo insider newsletter.
  • Nutritional help desk- reach out to our team with questions and concerns for guidance on how to answer guest questions.
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MenuTrinfo’s Additional Nutritional Services

  • Identification of “top 8” allergens and reverse ingredient look-up.
  • Gluten-Free Menu Certification.
  • Healthy restaurant menu consulting.
  • Expansion of nutrients to include all dietary vitamins and minerals.
  • Policy development for serving diners with special dietary needs.
  • Specialty menu consultation (vegetarian/vegan, corn-free, no added MSG, etc.).
  • Nutritional retail labels.
  • Website integration.

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