An increasing number of people today are committed to eating vegan or vegetarian diets and many more are interested in eating vegetarian dishes at least some of the time. Mushrooms offer a unique array of nutrients that can be hard-to-get for vegans and vegetarians because they are nonexistent or rare in other plant foods, including: […]


In part one of this series, I discussed several legislative measures state and local municipalities have taken in regard to the improvement of allergen-awareness within the restaurant space. Through our AllerTrain™ certification courses, we have been teaching the importance of allergen awareness since 2011 to food service operators and their staff across the country. We […]

AllerTrain™ is the leading training program for restaurants today. Introduce three years ago, the first of its kind in the food service industry specifically training regarding food allergies, Celiac disease and best in class solutions from “loading dock to table top”. Why did we develop this class? The Centers for Disease Control reported that the […]

Boy, I wish I had a crystal ball. For more than three years I’ve been discussing menu labeling and just when I think menu labeling legislation is about to pass, I’m still waiting, as are all of you. So what, exactly, is the holdup? Everyone has known from the beginning of this proposed legislation that […]

Starbucks and King County Menu Labeling study food for thought: Consumers who opt for low-calorie items spend the same How do menu labels affect a restaurant’s bottom line? When faced with calorie counts on a menu, do some customers choose to walk out the door? These are questions that restaurateurs are asking as menu labeling […]