Training food allergy

There’s something fishy about seafood allergies. While shellfish and finned fish may live in the same aqueous environment and share unique qualities, these critters are far from identical. From allergen-causing proteins to structural components, these water-loving species are different in numerous ways, but both should be approached cautiously as they can result in severe allergic […]

With health and customers with fish allergies in mind I would categorize fish as a health “superfood”. Fish, especially the colder water fish such as salmon, tuna, herring, etc., offers powerful omega-3s, along with a dose of high quality protein plus potassium, some B-vitamins and it’s also a rare natural food source of vitamin D. […]

Restaurant operators today face the challenge of how to best serve specialty needs diners because people don’t often come in and fully disclose what their allergens are. In this blog post, I will highlight the steps local and state municipalities have taken to address how to best serve diners with allergen issues. In part two, […]

The Summer AllerTrain™ Master Trainer Program is fast approaching, only a few short weeks before we have another group of AllerTrain™ instructors. We are constantly amazed by what these master trainers accomplish. Some take the program back to the companies they work for while others have started their own consulting organization. Wherever or whomever they […]