10-Year Rewind

A lot can happen in ten years. A decade ago, MenuTrinfo was founded with a good idea about menu labeling, and the right two people to make an impact in the food service industry. While…

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Build Your Own Meal

Make “Build Your Own” Your BFF

When it comes to accommodating special dietary needs, customization is king. Whether it's a food allergy or intolerance, or someone needing detailed menu labeling to fit their diet, guests find success when they can get…

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Clean Plate Station at Heidelberg University inside Hoernemann Refectory

“Certified Free From™” The Trend

From the desk of our CEO, Betsy. Clean Plate Station at Heidelberg University inside Hoernemann Refectory Today everyone is looking for assurance while dining. Restaurants are desperately needing to be accurate because the stakes are…

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Plant Based Kids Meals

Plant Based Options… For Kids!

By now, the term “plant-based” is imbedded in the current food trend dictionary. We have been seeing this coming from a mile away with the vegan and plant-based trends at the forefront for the last…

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Vegetables from a garden

Food and Nutrition Trends to Watch in 2020

2019 was a big year for nutrition-focused dining, and we don't see these trends slowing down in 2020. Here are our predictions for the biggest trends next year. Grab-and-Go Today's consumers want it all. They're…

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Healthy Christmas Tree

How to host a holiday on a lifestyle diet

The holidays are just around the corner and the meals are notorious for being heavy in carbs, rich in fats, and filled with more calories in one meal than most eat any other day of…

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Feelings Towards Sugar Turn Sour

There’s no denying that the average American has a little bit of a sweet tooth. Globally, the United States ranks number one for the average daily sugar consumption at 126.4 grams per person. The American…

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Clean Menus

The Secret Behind Diet and Gut Health

The tiny living creatures that reside in our gut can number in the trillions, are diverse in species, complex in their function, and can have a wide range of effects on human health. For this…

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Plant Based Proteins: Not Just A Trend

When you think about food trends, you often think of fad diets or health schemes that last a few months or years, then die out. However, healthy eating means more than just nutrition and weight…

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Making Veggies the Star

2020 is just around the corner and plant-based diets and trends seem to be moving with full steam ahead! This movement keeps both human health and the planet in mind. If balanced right, the medical…

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