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We have simple turnkey solutions to meet you at the level of your nutritional and/or allergen needs!

From loading dock to tabletop, we’ve got your covered!  MenuTrinfo® provides a host of nutrition analysis services for kitchens wanting to provide up-to-date information about their products.  From menu item nutrient analysis to menu development and consultation, we deliver reports in easy-to-use formats.  We even do retail labels!  Once you’ve partnered with us, you will have access to menu consultations for questions on your menu regarding nutrition, allergies, gluten, dietary requests, and more. 

What’s the latest in this division in the last year or two? We can do lifestyle diet reviews for Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Clean, and others.  MenuTrinfo® has also partnered with Trebon® to provide a menu nutrition calculator for nutritional content and allergen identification.  And after we’ve completed our nutritional analysis of your menu, we can create for you a custom allergen chart identifying the top eight allergens in your menu that you can post for your clients and employees.  MenuTrinfo® is also the parent company of the brands AllerTrain™, Kitchens with Confidence™, Certified Free From™, The Rocket™ and Consultation Services to equip your business with the right tools you need to support your customers.

Now that’s one stop shopping!

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Kitchens with Confidence™ Website

Kitchens with Confidence is rolling out this year as the verifying side of our Certified Free From areas and dining choices.  Stay tuned for more to come on this much needed and looked forward to update in the near future.

Certified Free From™ Website

Has become the leading and best known service at certifying kitchens, manufacturing and food service spaces free from the top eight allergens and gluten.  And with our pending ANSI-ANAB accreditation, ISO17065, we will solidify our lead in the market for allergen and gluten-free certification to better serve you!  Beginning as a result of our work with a non-profit organization, our mission was to then take this great service and make it the leader in the industry. 

Folks are looking for the certification seal on CPG (Consumer Product Goods), college campuses and all sorts of additional commercial kitchens and areas in the country today.  Use our contact form here to have us call you to assist.

The Rocket™

Coming during the Summer of 2021 to get ready for the fall semester is an exciting new database for industrial packaged goods.  We’ve been working hard to compile an extensive product and SKU resource for kitchens looking for allergen and gluten-free options.  Verified through Kitchens with Confidence, Rocket will be the go-to for your kitchens bulk ordering questions.  Stay tuned for more!

Consultation Services:  Website

We are here to help you serve your customers safely and confidently.  With our consultation services, you can rest assured you’re doing the right thing. We have different packages to work with you to achieve your goals, including mystery shopping options, incident response management, and blueprint and design. Unsure about your kitchen’s allergy management system?  Come check us out at Kitchens with Confidence for a consultation.  We work with your existing policies and procedures and make recommendations to improve your operation to ensure a clean audit.  Our nutrition experts are ready to help you achieve your Certified Free From status to give your customers confidence in your product.

AllerTrain™  Website

No matter what your allergen and gluten-free training needs may be, MenuTrinfo’s AllerTrain™ suite of courses has you covered.  Our ANSI-ANAB accredited courses can be delivered in person through one of our certified AllerTrainers or through an online webinar in English or Spanish to accommodate all customers.  Learn all about allergy and gluten-free management in the foodservice industry with the training package that best fits your needs.  AllerTrain™ is a manager level course with in-depth allergy and gluten-free content for a comprehensive understanding, while AllerTrain Lite™ is best suited for all employee levels in food service.  AllerTrain U™ is geared for those in the college/university setting and is designed to help accommodate students’ needs. 

ANSI accredited Food Handler is our most recent certificate program, created for the safe handling of food.  Plus, training on epinephrine pens, for residential advisors, primary and secondary schools, and more!  Let us help you keep folks safe at all times through these great courses today.