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It’s Labor Day Weekend, and it’s that time of the year for grilling! Unfortunately, with grilling comes the dreaded cross-contact that everyone with an allergy fears.
Using the same grill for everything naturally means that whether it was intended or not, every food that has ever touched the grill is part of any food you put on it next. What’s worse, there are a lot of foods common to barbecue that have gluten and allergens that you may not be aware of.
So, what can you do about that?
Tin Foil
The magic of tin foil! The glistening silver wrapping will be your salvation from the evils of cross-contact. Better yet, when the food is done, it feels like your opening a present when it’s ready. Happy Barbecue Day, it says!
By cordoning off one half of your grill with tin foil, or just simply placing the allergy free food in a tinfoil package, you can make the Labor Day a great experience for all who come to your barbecue.
Marinades and Dry Rubs
Make sure you know what is in your marinade! Believe it or not, most marinades include soy sauce, which means using it is like dancing with gluten-laden disaster.
What’s worse, marinades and dry rubs are not always obvious to your guests. One can’t look at a pork loin and know that a dry rub contains nuts, for example.
If a guest at your party has an allergy, make sure you know the allergy, and purchase a marinade or dry rub that is free of it. If you’re not sure, don’t use it for their food! Also, make sure you’re using good old tin foil to avoid cross-contact.
Separate Tools
This is a given for any situation when dealing with foods that contain allergens. To avoid cross-contamination, make sure you use separate utensils for the allergy-free food, and never ever mix up your two sets.
One Chef
It’s hard to know what it is, but when that grill is sitting out there in the open, suddenly everyone thinks that they are the barbecuing master. They aren’t. Only you are the master of the grill, and the protector of your guests. You know how to keep things from cross-contacting with this handy article. Defend your realm with your two sets of utensils if need be!
Happy Grilling, and have a wonderful Labor Day!
 Feature Image: Creative Commons Courtesy of USDAgov.