MenuTrinfo® exists to inform people what they can eat safely.

We have simple turnkey solutions to meet you at the level of your nutritional and/or allergen needs! Download the Info Graphic Here From loading dock to tabletop, we’ve got your covered!  MenuTrinfo® provides a host…

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Leadership — Lessons from the C-Suite

We hear a lot these days about women breaking barriers and achieving firsts—whether it’s Our new Vice President, the first female, the first Black female, to hold that office;Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the…

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New Year, Same Nutrition Misinformation

Every year, internet searches for nutrition help peak in January. The New Year is notorious for the month to start a new diet. Where there is opportunity, there are also those who want to take…

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Don’t Fight on the Food Allergy Front Lines Alone

Navigating the world of food allergy compliance can be intimidating. Not only do you need to comply with regulatory requirements, but the impact of making a mistake could be catastrophic. There's no question that serving…

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Hidden Holiday Allergens: Holiday Curveballs

Welcome the coziness of the first snowfall and the friendly twinkle of Christmas lights this holiday season without the stress that accompanies hidden food allergens.  As menus reintroduce holiday flavors and seasonal delights, its time refresh…

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Sesame seeds

Sesame Allergen: The Ninth Allergen

Sesame has been top of mind lately as we wait for the FDA to formally declare it as a top allergen. Last week, the FDA made its first move by issuing a first draft recommendation…

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Build Your Own Meal

Serving Up an Allergy Safe Holiday Season

An estimated 32 million Americans have one or more food allergies. When loved ones get together around the holidays (as COVID allows), dining out becomes a serious ordeal. Rather than risk a reaction during a…

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Tips to Having a Healthier Holiday Meal

The holidays are known as a time for indulgence. Whether it's buying lavish gifts or stacking your house so full of lights it can be seen from space, there's no denying that people like to…

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halloween candy

Don’t Let Hidden Gluten in Candy Haunt You This Halloween

This Halloween don’t be spooked by hidden gluten in candy that you love. The food industry commonly handles gluten-containing ingredients like wheat in cookies or barley malt syrup as a sweetener. This makes candy a…

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The Accreditation Advantage

Quality control workers with digital tablet at production line in cheese processing plant The FDA recently conducted a study that proves the importance of third-party verification. They looked at dark chocolate products that claimed to…

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