The Nation’s leading food service food allergy experts, MenuTrinfo®, LLC takes accreditation, allergy confidence and hospitality to the next level with AllerCheck™

This program can allow you, the food service provider, to work with food service professionals from AllerTrain® and MenuTrinfo® on an entirely new level. Not ready or wanting full Certified Free From certification, then this is your perfect step along the way.

Our team members review your locations, menus, ingredients, service, policies, procedures and missions for safer allergen service. We, on purpose do not use the term “allergen friendly” as we believe that misleads and confuses the consumer.

AllerCheck™ for food service
Food Allergy Reviewed and Approved by MenuTrinfo

MenuTrinfo® has been an invaluable partnership for Vanderbilt® University. We are so grateful for their guidance and encouragement to make our dining program the very best it can be for students with food allergies. Our program would not be where it is today without their support. Thank you MenuTrinfo®!

Emily Suttle, RD
Food Allergen Free Tacos
It's Taco Tuesday

Putting in an AllerCheck™ allows your clients, diners, customers, guests and faithful regulars to trust you and your menu items on an entirely different level.

Using a self-audit to prepare, an in-person visit to verify and our ANAB/ANSI accredited AllerTrain™ training to wrap it all together is the answer for today’s food service needs.

MenuTrinfo® has always been the turnkey solution from “Loading Dock to Table Top”.

Serving the food allergic diners through great food service brands since 2011.

Turn to the experts when it comes to food allergy service.

Auditors are verified and experienced food safety professionals.

Pricing available for one location up to 1,000

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