Database Solutions for Recipes

Round and Round the Numbers Go.....

Let’s set  scene. It’s just months away from the menu labeling deadline and it’s time to get to work and analyze your menu. You purchase a software program, sit down at your computer and start entering your recipes. Then you realize that you need every standard menu item, every size, every variation, every flavor, every […]

Nutritional Analysis Menu Labeling

On the surface, doing the nutritional analysis for your restaurant on your own might not seem so complicated. You log on to your favorite calorie counter app on your smartphone and then enter your restaurant’s recipes. However, once the process starts, it’s easy to see why so many restaurants and other foodservice establishments are choosing […]

Nutritional Database vs. Laboratory Analysis

When it comes to calculating the nutritional information of a restaurant menu, there are really only two heavy-weights in the ring: laboratory testing and database analysis. Both are accepted by the FDA as reasonable methods of evaluation and both deliver all the information that will be required by the new menu labeling bill. However, nutritional […]