Case Studies


“The process itself was surprising because of how easy it was once they had the data. Without their software and their knowledge it would not have occurred so quickly,” Taylor said.”They were definitely a perfect match of the collaboration between the timeline we wanted to follow and what MenuTrinfo could offer.”

—Carrie Taylor, Big Y’s lead registered dietitian for the Living Well Eating Smart® program.

Download the Big Y Case Study (PDF)

Squisito Pizza and Pasta

“It makes customers feel better that there is a nutritional company behind us and it’s not just us creating these numbers. MenuTrinfo is fabulous. I would definitely use them again. And in fact, we’re going to continue working with them in the maintenance program, so we’re still working with them!”

—Michele DiMeo, Co-Owner of Squisito Pizza & Pasta

Download the Squisito Pizza & Pasta Case Study (PDF)

Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company

“MenuTrinfo is a great organization. They are the only nutritional services company we work with, and I would absolutely recommend MenuTrinfo’s services to anyone in the food service industry.”

—Joe West, Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company

Download the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company Case Study (PDF)

I Dream of Falafel

“MenuTrinfo offers an easy solution at a great value for any restaurant owner. If you want to appeal to health-conscious consumers, I recommend you contact MenuTrinfo and enlist their help.”

—Imran K., Owner of I Dream of Falafel

Download the full I Dream of Falafel Case Study (PDF)


“I think the AllerTrain class is an excellent tool to make the world of allergens a little more understandable to teach people how to food handle, how to deal with customers. It will give staff members a little more confidence that they will know how to handle/understand questions.  Basically, they will know what to do and understand the importance of allergic reaction prevention.”

— Jennifer Zerby, Personal Touch Food Services, Inc.

Download the Personal Touch Food Service Case Study (PDF)


“At the time, thinking about those sorts of things was a new concept, and Betsy Craig, CEO of MenuTrinfo, was at the cutting edge of it. Betsy was a pleasure to work with. She was responsive, competent, and flexible in meeting all our needs.”

— Dr. Merrill Eisenberg

Download the Tucson Meet Yourself Case Study (PDF)