What’s the Deal with Airline Food?

While it may be the start to bad stand-up routine, the question, “What’s the deal with airline food?” is becoming a common one around the foodservice industry. It’s also the start of a more complicated discussion as to how airline food should be categorized and labeled. Is it considered restaurant-type food? That would make it […]

AllerTrain RA™ - A New Class for Resident Advisers!

Campus Resident Advisers play an extremely important role in shaping the college experience for students. From being a role model to incoming students to organizing fun activities for dorm residents, RA’s are involved in many facets of student life. Among the many responsibilities, one of the core duties that Resident Advisers are tasked with is […]

Trimming the Fat

By Claire Willis, Director of Culinary Nutritionists  In June, the Food and Drug Administration banned artificial trans fat from foods by no longer classifying them as “generally recognized as safe.” This is a term given to ingredients that have been pre-approved by the FDA and can be used quite freely in food production. Once the ban officially […]

Menu Labeling Pushed out a Year...2016

I have been hearing the rumblings since early May that this might come to pass but today it is official.  Menu Labeling is now set to be mandated to begin on December 1 2016.  One year after the previous 2015 deadline. Here is the piece on the FDA’s website. READ This will allow some fine […]